February 6, 2012 in Blog, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

I awoke this morning to a full-fledged Media Barrage…   Radio stations blasting about the current situation on the other side of the world, YouTube videos of small freakishly talented children singing Italian arias, TV commercials involving shrieking clowns and small toy unicorns, and the song “It’s gonna be a Good Life!” playing over top it all.

Here is the most worrying thing… I was in my dark bedroom with my eyes closed tight.  All of that electronic insanity was coming from INSIDE my own head!  I didn’t really realize it, however, until I wondered the time and actually looked (in my mind) the upper right hand corner of my vision, where every work-day the time digitally ticks away on my computer screen!

My eyes flung open with the realization that even whilst I sleep, I am still plugged in!

Has this happened to you?   You know that dream where you go to work and bust your butt to finish a huge project just by the hair of your chinny chin chin, then you wake yourself up, use the restroom, and when you fall back asleep the same dream starts all over again?  You are essentially working the whole time you are sleeping.

I sat up and made a conscious choice to TURN OFF THE MEDIA in my head.  I lay back down and visualized actually turning the dial all the way down on the WTAM stations and focused entirely on the image of a blue blue sky reaching down to snuggle onto the crest of a spring fresh green hill of grass, with one or two impossibly puffy clouds dancing above.  It took a considerable amount of effort, but I managed to silence the screech and relax into the stillness.

How can we possibly start our day rejuvenated if our mind has been up all night working?   This was enough to scare me cordless before bed, at least for the last hour of the day.  And I’m going to try the Sky/ Grass/ Cloud thing before I close my eyes and right when I awake.

Once I am certain that I can control the amount of electronic noise filling my mind, and be sure I am able to “unplug” for a good night sleep and a flying dream or two –  Then, and only then I may invite WTAM to play a wake-up song every once in a while.  “It’s gonna be a good life.  A good, good life!!!”

One Response to “WTAM”

  1. lindaleelarsen

    Brilliantly said, Miss Tami! Between your sky/grass/cloud thing at night and my “Take Five” thing during the day, we are sure to be blissed out babes!