1:1 Performance + Speech Coaching

With Tami Evans


Without creative guidance and proper direction, presenting

can leave you feeling drained, unfocused, and unfulfilled.

And you deserve to SHINE! 


As a performer, speaker, communicator, do you find:

      • You are ready to elevate your performance, speech, or presentation style, but are unsure how? 
      • You are often paralyzed by the potential of what “could be”?
      • You walk off stage feeling “meh”?
      • You are unsure how to weave a thread through your storytelling? 
      • You are good, but know in your heart you can be GREAT?


I’m here to tell you that you are closer than you think.

With an experienced, objective coach by your side, you’ll gain the clarity and the confidence to transform your performance, impact your audience, or simply communicate your thoughts clearly.



      • Standing center stage confident what you are about to share is clear, relevant, and engaging. 
      • On stage, you always feel prepared and ready for whatever comes your way. 
      • You know where to stand, what to do with your hands, and how to communicate clearly. 
      • You know how to reach through the 4th wall and invite your audience into your performance. 
      • You’re excited to step into the spotlight and feel energized to be there. 


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Wondering How I Support My Clients?

It all stars with a complimentary exploration conversationSCHEDULE NOW
Provided we both feel we are a great fit, we will engage in a 90 day commitment. (NOTE: This can be fast-tracked if you have a time sensitive project.)
During those 90 days
+ We will meet formally for 60 minutes bi-weekly over Zoom.
– We will strategize your goal and agree to an accountability plan.
– We will share an active Google Doc with ideas, feedback, and accomplishments.
– You will receive templates and worksheets that will compliment our Zoom sessions, and will help you work toward your goal.
– You will receive personalized resource recommendations and connections.
+ You will receive a copy of my book filled with activating questions, “Half Full Of It: Activating optimism and other hard core soft skills”
+ During our time together, I will be available to you via Voxer, email, or text.
Total program investment = $3k.
At the end of 90 days, having upheld your end of our commitment, you will feel satisfied with our time together, or I will make it right.


Ready to talk about what’s possible? Grab your complimentary exploration conversation!



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