Is your event going virtual? Tami will set a positive, energetic tone with a keynote presentation full of engagement and laughter, lots of laughter!

Book Tami to customize live or pre-recorded keynote presentations, bringing your virtual event alive from the start.

Live interactive virtual keynote presentations:

Laugh Your Glass Half Full: Activating optimism in spite of pervasive pessimism

Have you and your team reached ZOOM DOOM? Are you feeling a bit rusty on relationship skills, a little crunchy on communication concepts, and pooped-out on positivity? Hard-Core Soft-Skills are the super ninja power tools for the Tetris-landscape we are now navigating.  During this entertaining and interactive program, participants will work on; Motivation, Communication, and Self-Confidence to help manage the next several months of “virtual reality” These are the tools your team needs to help increase engagement, create communication cohesion, and elevate self-confidence, for leadership and life. Tami will help your team laugh their glass half full, and set everyone on a renewed path for a happier, healthier, and more productive journey!


Lights, Camera, Lead!: Connection, engagement, and success in our new virtual world

It is no secret that things are not “business as usual” these days, however, a happy workplace is imperative to success and longevity. How do you remain positive AND professional AND six feet apart? Now more than ever, your team and your clients need connection. Connection creates culture, and a positive culture creates engagement and confidence. The fastest way to connect, especially virtually, is through levity. Levity equals lightness – of mind, character, and behavior – how can you lighten the load in your workplace and for your clients who are feeling frustrated at being “grounded” for so long.   Laugh and learn with Tami as she interacts with your attendees to identify ways they can access levity to reach their personal and professional potential through the power of fun.


Sassy and Sanitized: Finding professional and personal power in a pandemic

Women in the workplace – Just when you think you have the work/life balance thing all figured out, along comes career chaos, motherhood madness, and skinny jeans. How the Hello Fresh are we supposed to keep it all together, keep our businesses afloat, and rock a face mask? Wait! Don’t crawl under the covers! Instead, slap on some lippy and a pair of snazzy slippers and join us as Tami Evans shares stories and insights to help know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, and know when to break out the triangle drinks. Walk out knowing how to activate optimism, lead with levity, and other hard-core soft-skills.

Join us to learn while you laugh: The four elements needed to elevate and motivate yourself every day, Business growth through gratitude, How to leverage the power of positivity in your professional and personal life


Customized pre-recorded keynote presentation – If you prefer the ease of a pre-recorded presentation, Tami offers a customized virtual keynote that allows timing and technical accuracy, as well as many cinematic scenes not available in live presentations. Additionally, she is available to interact with attendees in a “Virtual Meet & Greet”.