Lighten Up and Lead: Leverage levity to boost client confidence and employee engagement.


A happy workplace is imperative to success, but how do you remain positive AND professional? Laugh and learn key characteristics to create levity in the worker, workforce and workplace, with tools that help you reach your personal and professional potential through the power of fun. Connection creates culture and culture creates employee engagement — and the fastest way to connect is through levity. Engagement empowers employees to collaborate through challenges, create innovative solutions and communicate confidently. Not to mention the bump to your bottom line!

Tami helps your attendees shine as they learn the concept of Connected Autonomy —where it’s possible to leverage their unique strengths and talents, while remaining part of the larger whole and serving the collective vision.

The background combination of corporate manager and professional actress allows Tami to deliver a powerful and memorable keynote using humor based storytelling, clean and captivating visuals, videos and music. Audience members become part of the program during hilarious interactive moments they will repeat on the reception dance floor. Every keynote is highly customized to the attendees, and the powerful tools they learn will improve both their professional and personal life, and they will have a blast doing it.

If they are laughing they are listening, and if they are listening they are learning.

Through this engaging and entertaining keynote the attendees will learn tools to help:

  • Improve communication
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Discover how to help activate a positive workplace
  • Learn how to keep team members motivated, optimistic, energized

ShowBUSINESS; Crafting connection to engage your audience


When it comes to audience engagement, the experience we create is critical, whether it is a room full of potential clients or an exchange of ideas with one other person.  Customize your current content with experiential techniques that will leave your audiences AND your clients delighted. You will learn easy tools that will instantly elevate your speech from words to WOW.

Former professional actress (Sex and the City, One Life to Live, Stepmom) and current President of the National Speakers Association – NYC, Tami Evans will walk you through the process.  She will show you exactly what it looks like and then guide you step-by-step how to bring the same pizazz to YOUR program.

Whether you are a corporate marketing professional, a business owner with a new product or service to sell, or an individual who wants to express your ideas, let Tami help you prep and polish your performance skills for maximum POWer!

Using her varied business background combined with extensive professional performance experience and training, Tami enhances your presentation production starting with your theme, and ending with how you walk out the door after the “show.”

Tami believes every personality is a story waiting to be told – she wants to help make yours a best seller!

By attending this session, participants will:

  1. Create and customize Memorable Moments that audiences will love (and remember!)
  2. Learn the steps to turn droning into drama
  3. Understand how to make attendees the Star of the Show, and why that is crucial for engagement

Why this is relevant:

An audience that is engaged will remember you and your message long after you leave the event or meeting.  This kind of attendee enjoyment and content retention is the top priority of event planners, whose reputation relies upon what you deliver.  When an audience experiences an exceptional program, they remember you and they talk about you, which is one of the fastest ways to grow your business.

Why Tami:

The attendees will actually be part of the show, from the moment they walk in the room.  Then she will tell them what they experienced and how to create it in their own programs.  They will witness a technique (without knowing it) then have it broken down so then can see exactly how to implement. The participants will walk away with clear and specific ideas on how to inject their current programs with tools that will easily and instantly elevate their delivery. The audience will share in small groups exact ideas around how they will add ShowBUSINESS to their current program and actually try it out.  Audience members will walk out knowing not only how to create an engaging experience by why it is critical to do so.


Half Full Of It: Activating Optimism and Other Hard-Core Soft-Skills


Accompanying Book:
Half Full Of It: Activating Optimism and Other Hard-Core Soft-Skills

Program Description :
Are you or your team a bit rusty on relationship skills, a little crunchy on communication concepts and pooped-out on positivity? Soft skills are the new black and if you want to make the most of your personal and professional life, you had better know how to wear them!
During this entertaining and interactive program, participants will discover the following Hard-Core Soft-Skills; Motivation, Communication, Relationships, Self- Confidence & Optimism.
Participants will walk away with tools to help increase engagement, create communication cohesion, and elevate self-confidence, for leadership and life.
Tami Evans will help you laugh your glass half full, and set you on a renewed path for a happier, healthier and more productive journey!

When you book Tami, it’s not just an engaging keynote speech she delivers, it’s an unforgettable experience.