It is no secret that things are not “business as usual” these days. So, how do you encourage connection, optimism and energy in workers and the workplace in our new “virtual reality”? Tami skillfully ignites positivity and engagement as she leads participants through virtual learning and events, developing motivated, innovative organizations, leaders and employees along the way. As a Certified Virtual Presenter, Tami has adapted her dynamic content to fit the camera lens, and her vibrant personality nearly jumps through the screen to engage every virtual participant in interactive learning, laughing and leading. She believes if they are laughing they are listening, and if they are listening they are learning, even in a virtual world!

When you book Tami for a virtual event, she delivers a customized, unforgettable experience. She’s ready to light up your screen, engage your audience and share powerful tools to improve both their professional and personal life, setting everyone on a renewed path for a happier, healthier and more productive journey!