Our new normal calls for attention to online appearance, communication strategies and overall effectiveness in a virtual world. As a Certified Virtual Trainer, Tami has mastered these skills and is eager to share them with your organization, leaders and employees. 

Interactive virtual workshops and training –

Escape Zoom Doom: How to be dramatically more interactive virtually

Live presentations must convert audience members from content RECIPIENTS into content PARTICIPANTS. For effective virtual meetings, you HAVE to use interaction to break through the wall of those passive little video squares. In this demo-packed session, you’ll experience interactive delivery techniques to immediately elevate your virtual meeting impact.

In this session, you’ll learn and practice: Virtual Eye Contact, Shout Outs, Square Dancing (it’s not what you think), Finger Polling, Chat Pack, Square Hunt, Mug Shots, Parody Power

Ready For Your Close Up: Your guide to a professional virtual appearance

Your home office is now your window to the world. How you set up your virtual workspace can have a direct impact on your professional effectiveness. This session will guide you on how to present yourself in the best possible way. You will learn Effective communication that breaks through the screen, how to prepare your space and your face for virtual meetings, concrete ways to improve how you show up onscreen to make an impact when presenting virtually.