March 9, 2012 in Blog, Relationships

Hockey just made me cry.                

I love this ad so much.  And whilst I was born in Hockeytown USA (Go Wings) it’s not actually the Hockey that made me cry.  I’m not endorsing anything here, but the Budweiser Ad-Folks just found a way to capture “Heart” on film.  They told two small time league teams they were going to shoot some footage of a game for a documentary – but really they bussed in 200 super fans, tricked out the arena, and made the game feel as close to the NHL as possible.

Near the end of the ad is this Guy.

Just a Canadian Guy who plays hockey every week after he finishes his job as a plumber or a teacher or an urban planner.   All things we need desperately in our lives.   None of which are celebrated outside the circles of other plumbers, teachers and planners.   Which is exactly like his hockey hobby.

Hard Work + Dedication + Belief = Heart.   One of the most valuable sums that can never be measured.

There is no room in the “Heart” equation for Celebrity.  People who truly live this equation never expect Celebrity, or they would never, ever take on the job of Plumber or Teacher or Planner… or Parent.   So when Celebrity is secretly thrust upon them…  It.  Is.  Magic.

Look at this guy’s face.  A million words.  Thousands of miles traveled on his own dime.  Hundreds of hours practicing for the sole purpose of getting better for his team.

You don’t do what you do to be a Celebrity.  You would never have embarked upon your journey if Celebrity was your goal.   But to many people, you are the Sun the Moon and the Smiling Face they look forward to every day.  And if you DO happen to be a plumber, teacher, planner or parent, or any other job that is critical to making the world a better place  – then YOU are the person who is making a difference every single day to more people than you could ever imagine.

So today I Celebrate YOU!  And I hope you know deep down you are appreciated.   This week, I will take every opportunity I can to make that clear to the People with Heart in my life.

Won’t you do the same for the people in yours?  Won’t you please spend a few minutes to let people know they are an important part of your happiness?

And if the opportunity ever presents itself, I WILL have a giant Beer Company come to my life and make a beautiful film Celebrating all of them!

Skate on.  With all your Heart!skate-hard-work-dedication-belie-780x300

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