March 10, 2012 in Blog, Motivation/ Go. Be. Do!

I just saw the lovely film “The Artist”, on the big screen of the beautifully renovated classic movie house in my town. (The State Theatre)  No spoilers, but I can safely suggest the main theme revolved around the march of time, and deciding whether or not to get in line or be left on the curb.

I felt this was such poignant metaphor for our technological world!  I mean, every time we turn around there is a new, better, faster, more sexy THING that is on the market or computer screen that we feel we must sign up for.

So my suggestion is this… sign up for it!

Yes, I know it seems it would be easier assert ourselves as Snail Mail Aficionados, unplug our screens and tuck our smart phone into the way back of the sock drawer.  (If you don’t have a smart phone yet, get one – you KNOW who you are.)   But not too terribly long ago, it also seemed easier to keep hooking up a team of horses to clip-clop your way across town.

If you are reading this, you are already using a computer and have stepped through the Door of Tomorrow, so you are well on your way.  Here is the secret to making the whole adventure a lot easier… embrace it!

For instance, get a Facebook page!  (And like it or not, expect it to change completely just when you get the hang of it.  Mandatory Timeline is coming any day now.)  This service is FREE and easy and has the power to connect you with old friends, introduce you to new ones and possibly even secure you a Dream Job or Opportunity for Adventure.  (If you just want to “lurk” awhile first, you can come to “my place” and hang out:  TamiEvans)

It is important to use virtual networking in moderation, but change is good for our brains, it can make our lives better, and Technology IS here to stay.   The sooner you jump on board the easier it will be to embrace the next waiting just around the corner.

And like the charming film I just saw – New is Now Norm and this is no time to stay silent.

My final advice:  If you are ready to participate in progress, but truly have no idea where to begin… simply locate your nearest eighth grader!

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