Gather the Girls and Get Ready to ROTFL!

Just when you think you have the whole work/life balance thing all figured out, along come career chaos, motherhood madness, and skinny jeans. How the hello kitty are we supposed to keep it all together?

But wait! Don’t crawl under the covers! Instead, slap on some lippy and a pair of cute shoes and join in as Tami shares stories and insights to help know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, and know when to break out the triangle drinks.

In this entertaining performance keynote, she uses clean comedic storytelling and engages the audience in interactive conversation about all things female. Tami will have you laughing as you learn how to leverage the power of positivity in your professional and personal life!


Customize Your Conference

“When The Chick Hits The Fan” is the perfect match for your women’s group or organization. Let Tami customize it to match your messaging goals and have your special event or retreat be energized with womanly wisdom and wit.



Tami is one of the best motivational speakers we’ve ever had speak to our women’s group… She really reached the crowd easily and with such energy. She’s a dynamo and very approachable. She energized the crowd, got them thinking, got them laughing. Tami’s the whole package!  Quotes2     

                         – Kandace Chapple & Kerry Winkler, Owners, Grand Traverse Woman Magazine


passport-picGet Your Passport to Meaningful Change

During your pre-program conversations with Tami, she identifies your unique needs and further customizes her Passport to Excellence™ for every participant. Audience members then engage and interact with each other throughout the course of the program to fill their passports with “stamps.” Areas of focus include Communication, Motivation, Empowerment, Leadership Skills, Goal Setting, Stress Management, and Humor Infusion. Participants learn how to set and achieve goals, how to speak to be heard, how to build rapport, and how to have a heck of a good time doing it all!



Tami Evans presents: Chick Hits the Fan from Catherine Stratton on Vimeo.