Whistle     Tami Evans aka “Coach” (whistle not included)

 In addition to being an acclaimed motivational speaker, Tami provides top-notch personal and professional one-to-one sessions. She takes her desire to help people be the best they can be from the auditorium to the meeting table. Your private meeting(s) with Tami help identify business and personal goals, secure a strategy, and create an action plan to put them into motion. Face-to-face or virtual meetings are highly collaborative with Tami being your accountability partner (and number one fan!). She guides and offers support, but isn’t afraid to tell you what you might need to hear, too. Tami’s one-to-one services are limited to a small number of highly motivated people who are looking to elevate to the next level in their life or business.

Cup Top-Up

A one-time meeting gives a quick motivational boost and an action step to get you moving forward right away.

Glass Half Full

A three-session package that covers goal setting, strategy, implementation and future planning.

Really, Really Thirsty

A six-month package that is the whole kit and caboodle. You get an intimate professional relationship with Tami that includes open access for questions, planning, implementation, strategies, motivation, some major butt-kicking and, of course, triangle drinks.